articulating jumbled thoughts

Writing what I know

Hello friends! It has been a hot moment since I have spoken to you all. That comes from a few reasons: COVID has been quite the transformative experience for me. (As I am sure it has been for everyone).My life changed pretty drastically in March (I'll blog about that at a later date).I realized, I… Continue reading Writing what I know


Creamed corn

It has come to my attention that I am in serious danger of becoming a food blogger. In the midst of the pandemic, I have found many ways to be creative, and food is at the top of the creative list. I have graduated from dishes that I have eaten in my childhood and made… Continue reading Creamed corn

new life

The vast ocean

It's the kind of peace when you can hear your heart beat in your ears.It's contradictory - hopeful and hopeless.Brokenness and Put-together-ness.I'm in the middle of the ocean; there's no land in sight.It's contradictory - relaxing and startling.Alone and lonely.The potential paths and possibilities make me wonder about the future.It's contradictory - empowering and debilitating.Safe… Continue reading The vast ocean