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Space to breathe

On my college campus, I have had my moments of feeling confined. When I itch to get away, I head to the student union, where I inevitably see a person I know. I go to the library and feel like I had just been shoved into a box. Finally, I end up just walking around… Continue reading Space to breathe


No control

Don't you just hate when something does work out the way you expect? And usually when I think about that, I think of a piece of my schedule not working - a friend cancels dinner, a family member or loved one won't be at a holiday celebration, etc. Lately, the lack of control I have… Continue reading No control

articulating jumbled thoughts

Three questions: Is God good at being God?

This is the last post in a three-part series. First, I talked about God's goodness. I then discussed God's goodness in our lives. Now, the third question: 3.      Is God good at being God? Hopefully, you don’t think you would be a better at being god than God Himself. Instead, I hope you see that… Continue reading Three questions: Is God good at being God?

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Three questions: Is God good to me?

Last week, I discussed if God is good. Now, the second question: 2. Is God good to me? This question is a little tougher to me, because I do not personally know you. But if I had to guess, the answer to this question is “yes.” And I am making that inference entirely on the… Continue reading Three questions: Is God good to me?