The perfect woman: a resource

Hello! Happy Wednesday! Again, I am going through my camp resources and documenting all of the little Bible studies I planned through the years. And here is another one for you! I would say this resource would be best for middle/high school students, ages 12 - 17. On a piece of paper, draw the most… Continue reading The perfect woman: a resource


life long dream of the week

It surprises me that I haven't spoken to you all about this. I say this phrase all of the time. I believe it is from the children's show The Angry Beavers, but it's been so long that I don't remember. Google doesn't seem to remember either. Take my word for it. When I was young,… Continue reading life long dream of the week

new life

The vast ocean

It's the kind of peace when you can hear your heart beat in your ears.It's contradictory - hopeful and hopeless.Brokenness and Put-together-ness.I'm in the middle of the ocean; there's no land in sight.It's contradictory - relaxing and startling.Alone and lonely.The potential paths and possibilities make me wonder about the future.It's contradictory - empowering and debilitating.Safe… Continue reading The vast ocean


More a-postupac-olyptic talk: Jesus plays for my team

Just shy of 1.5 million people. Check the numbers. The coronavirus has sky-rocketed to infecting 1.5 million people, as of yesterday morning. The United States's numbers are climbing. Spain and Italy have "flatten the curve," the term for controlling the virus and slowing the infection rate. Two weeks ago, I made my first post about… Continue reading More a-postupac-olyptic talk: Jesus plays for my team